Administrator and Application Control

It is possible to apply Application Control to members of the group Administrators. The only exception is the user Administrator; AADS Application Control will not be applied to the user Administrator.

Is it a good concept? Users having Administrator rights?

An important reason why you should use Application Control is TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). You can reduce the number of problems / incidents when you give your user a limited desktop with only those applications they need. We made Application Control with the purpose of cutting down on the TCO.

TCO does not become less when everybody is an Administrator. In case everybody is an Administrator, the user is still able to “mess up” their PC very quickly. Most likely the TCO will rise.

Therefore Administrator rights should not be given to Users. You will limit the benefits you can get from using an AADS Server if you allow your Users to have Administrator-rights.

Another reason is the common policy as stated by Microsoft concerning Application Development and Application use. The summarize is as follows: normal Users should not need Administrator rights to run their daily applications.

Unfortunately there are a lot of “bad” applications that do need Administrator rights. In case such an Application is a must for your business and you can not use any other Application, please realize that using this “bad” application might have a negative impact on your TCO. This will not be changed by our AADS Server.

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